‘Cat Person’ New Trailer: Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun’s Date Is a Nightmare

This autumn, theatres will begin showing the genre-defying thriller.

  • A genre-defying thriller about dating and relationships, Cat Person tells the tale from an original vantage point.
  • The story follows Margot as she learns that her romantic interest is not who he first appeared to be.
  • The movie looks at issues including consent, the current dating environment, and the perils of inferring things about people from their online interactions.

Cat Person, a genre-defying thriller from filmmaker Susanna Fogel, will have a release date set by StudioCanal and Rialto Pictures. The film, which had its Sundance premiere earlier this year, told a unique and eerie tale about handling dating and relationships from a different perspective. We now have a decent look at the film, which stars Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun. The first scene shows Margot (Jones) texting Robert (Braun), a regular patron of the theatre where she works.

Only Taylor, Margot’s closest friend (played by Geraldine Viswanathan), initially has doubts about Robert. As Margot and Robert’s friendship develops, she discovers Robert is not who he first seemed to be. While it begins as a romantic fantasy, the trailer quickly becomes violent towards the climax, foreshadowing the movie’s dark psychological developments.

What Is ‘Cat Person’ All About?

The 2017 Kristen Roupenian short story of the same name, which went viral and started a much-needed conversation about the modern dating scene, seduction, and consent while also raising the issue of how well we know the person on the other side of the screen, served as the inspiration for Michelle Ashford’s novel Cat Person. In our discussion at Sundance, Fogel gave Ashford’s script great marks, saying:

But it was really when I read Michelle’s script that I realised how she had adapted this incredibly internal story by sort of taking some of Margot’s internal experiences, fears, and projections and making [externalising] them, whether they’re flashes of fear or projections, or just those thriller and suspense elements that are, some of them, psychological for Margot. “Oh okay,” I thought, “this can borrow some genre elements while still having the relatable cringe humour of the story.” And ideally this helps it seem like more of a movie than simply a straight adaptation, greater than the sum of its parts. That was thrilling, then.

The movie centres on Margot, a college sophomore who goes on a date with Robert but quickly learns that he isn’t who he claimed to be since she soon discovers him pursuing her. The movie is described as a “exploration of the gender divide and the dangerous projections we make in our minds about the person at the other end of our phones.”

In a statement on the themes of the film, Fogel said, “Like the short tale that caused so much controversy, Cat Person will ask you to consider romantic experiences you’ve had in the past and to consider the part (or several roles) you may have played. We’ve all played the victim in some stories and the villain in others, and I hope you’ll leave this movie with a strong viewpoint and be prepared to discuss.

The film also starred Michael Gandolfini, Isabella Rossellini, Fred Melamed, Liza Koshy, and Viswanathan in addition to Jones, Braun, and Viswanathan. Fogel, Ashford, and Daniel Hank served as executive producers, and Jeremy Steckler and Helen Estabrook served as producers.

The American theatrical release of Cat Person is set for October 6. The newest trailer is available to view below:

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