DC Studios Is Not Currently Working on “Wonder Woman 3” [Exclusive]

Prequel series “Paradise Lost” is still under development at Max.Wonder Woman 3
Wonder Woman 3

Despite Gal Gadot’s prior claims that she was working on the project, Wonder Woman 3 is not currently in development at DC Studios.
The heads of DC Studio, James Gunn and Peter Safran, only have the prequel series Paradise Lost in mind as a Wonder Woman project.

Collider has been informed by many individuals with direct knowledge of the matter that Wonder Woman 3 is not currently being worked on at DC Studios. Gal Gadot recently stated in interviews that she was collaborating on the project alongside DC Studio Heads James Gunn and Peter Safran. This information conflicts with her recent statements. In addition, Gunn and Safran have no other intentions for a Wonder Woman project except the prequel series at Max called Paradise Lost.

I adore playing Wonder Woman,” Gadot had suggested earlier this month, hinting to Wonder Woman 3. It’s quite important to me. We’re going to work together to build Wonder Woman 3 from what James and Peter have told me.

She later said, “I was invited to a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran,” according to a recent quotation. I’m paraphrasing them when they said, “You’re in the best hands.” Together, we will create Wonder Woman 3. You have nothing to worry about since [we] love you as Wonder Woman. Time will therefore tell.

At this point, it is unknown what has led to the gap between the two divergent accounts. While Variety’s later reporting on the subject and Collider’s sources are both reliable, no studio representative has made an official statement outlining the specifics of Safran and Gunn’s conversations with Gadot.

The situation of a large portion of DC’s slate as it prepares for its ongoing relaunch is also unknown, notably in the cases of the Aquaman and Blue Beetle comics. Since Blue Beetle is effectively a stand-alone film, the characters and setting may appear in Gunn and Safran’s DC future, but the studio hasn’t explicitly stated so.

As previously reported, Jason Momoa left DC Studios feeling upbeat and hopeful about the future. The actor said on his Instagram that he had a meeting with Warner Bros. and DC execs before Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s impending release and that great news will be revealed soon. He expressed his gratitude to David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, Gunn and Safran for any information they had provided. Whether he is mistaken on that account, like Gadot, remains to be seen.


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