“Jawan” Poster: Shah Rukh Khan’s Playful 1 Encounter

On September 7, SRK will bring action back to Bollywood.


In his forthcoming action film Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan addresses identity issues and the hazy boundaries between good and evil.
Khan will play a novel and distinctive part that deviates from his regular role for the audience.
Before the movie opens in theatres on September 7, die-hard fans are anticipating and filled with a sense of mystery as the narrative is still mostly unknown.

With his Mission Impossible-inspired Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan has already ignited the box office this year. With his next action-thriller Jawan, he plans to do it again. The intriguing project’s premise has mainly remained a secret, with teasers revealing almost little to viewers. The title character, played by SRK, appears to be a soldier who has turned away from serving his nation in favour of some unknown, more important aim. Khan encounters a triple menace in the shape of the daring, the dangerous, and the dazzling in a brand-new movie poster.

Khan is shown in the picture appearing unprepared and glaring off into the distance with an expression that implies meticulous calculations are being made. Vijay Sethupathi, on the other hand, exudes ruler of the underworld with a struggle all his own burning in his eyes and sheer aviators covering his face, with the title of the movie separating him. Nayanthara, the boss with the glock, completes the lineup. The trio’s division suggests that Khan and Sethupathi are facing off, and Nayanthara appears to have her eyes set on both of them as they square up. On Instagram, Khan posted the poster along with translations in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, writing: “The Daring. The Glamorous. the Perilous. The actual query is: Which is which?

One of the several “characters” Khan would play for the job is seen on the poster. Audiences have also seen additional terrifying images of Jawan throughout the marketing, including one where he is masked in a Purge-style mask and another where part of his face is bandaged and he is threatening to wage war on everyone. The new poster is shown below.

What Subjects Are Covered in Jawan?

Identity and the idea of good and evil stand out above the rest among the many concepts that are briefly depicted in snapshots. Over the course of his thirty-year career, Khan has dabbled in exploring a variety of topics, but Jawan appears to be very different from his past films. It’s the first time viewers will see him in an unconventional character that really plays with the idea of a mystery without a clear storyline disclosed beforehand. However, as the plot develops, it becomes clear that the actor’s ardent supporters are in for a brand-new treat.

On September 7, Jawan opens in theatres all around the world. The new movie poster and trailer are available to view below.

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